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Oceania medical have recommended a Forestry Kit that is suited to the industry with medium to high risks and often remote sites.

This kit contains military grade trauma items and products that can stem even a major arterial bleed.

The CELOX is used to pack into a wound, this product can clot even a large arterial bleed in minutes.

You can then use israeli bandage to add compression.

For limb loss or bleeds than are not controlled we also supply a CAT Tourniquet which can be applied with a twist motion with one hand

The kit also includes combine dressings, survival blankets, window hammer, shears and tape. This kit is essential on a site where risk is medium to high. This kit will save a life where others will not.

Friday, 6 July 2018 2:53:59 pm Pacific/Auckland By Oceania Medical medical, first aid, trauma, forestry, All,
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