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There a requirement for workplaces to take all practicable steps to provide first aid facilities under the Health and Safety in Employment Regulations 1995, and to have procedures for dealing with emergencies under the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 (HSE Act).

+ A good First Aid Kit can be the difference between life and death, or can reduce the severity of the injury.

+ Having a good First aid system can also help protect your businesses. Injury can impact productivity and the cost of employees taking leave can be substantial.

+ Oceania Medical have developed a simple matrix in which you can determine what your work site may require.

to see Workplace kit matrix

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  1. Workplace First Aid Kit 1-12 persons | Oceania Medical

    Workplace First Aid Kit ideal for a small office or workplace with 1-12 persons
    Incl. GST
  2. Workplace First Aid Kit Wall Mount 1-12 persons

    Workplace Kit ideal for a small office or workplace with 1-12 persons
    Incl. GST
  3. iPAD SP1 Defibrillator

    iPAD SP1 Defibrillator

    Incl. GST
  4. Fire Extinguisher 2kg

    FlameFighter ABE Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers
    Incl. GST
  5. Personal Bleed Kit

    Personal First Aid Kit- Wound Care Pack
    Incl. GST
  6. Workplace Trauma Pack | Oceania Medical

    The Trauma Kit is packed in a weather resistant, rip stop fabric bag with colour coded inner pouches. Ideal for work sites that are medium to high risk or more than 30 minutes from ambulance or good medical facilities.
    Incl. GST
  7. Forestry & Remote Site Advanced Trauma Kit | Oceania Medical

    Forestry & Remote Site Trauma Kit

    Oceania medical have recommended a Forestry Kit that is suited to the industry with medium to high risks and often remote sites.

    This kit contains military grade trauma items and products that can stem even a major arterial bleed.

    Incl. GST
  8. First Aid Kit Resupply Pouch

    First Aid Kit Resupply Bag. A simple and cost effective way to order a full restock of your first aid kit.
    Incl. GST
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8 Item(s)