CPR and Resus Training With Emirates Team New Zealand

Ahead of Emirates Team New Zealand defending the Americas Cup title Oceania Medical conducted a CPR & Trauma Training Course.

Whilst the crew have a large amount of support on chase boats and shoreside, if an event were to happen onboard the vessel the team members themselves would be the first responders.

To enhance this training we utilise our new bluetooth manikins. These allow students to compete with fellow team members in the effectiveness of their CPR. With a competitive crew like team New Zealand this challenge was accepted and proved to be quite the competition. CPR effectiveness means how well the first responder provides compressions and keeps blood flowing to the patients vital organs thus increasing the chances of survival.

Our trainer Scotty has spent years front line in ambulance and also spent many years at sea as a medic. This gives him the experience needed to train the crew not only in first aid but also in dealing with the environmental challenges they may also face.

Great to work with these down to earth guys who show enthusiasm and passion on and off the water.