News and Updates

  • Low Cost Solution for Managing Workplace First Aid Kits

    Oceania Medical Launches Workplace Kit Rotation Program

    Having your first aid kits checked by persons outside of your organisation during the current climate is difficult and can be a costly exercise. Instead of paying to have these serviced on site, Oceania Medical offer a rotation scheme in which your kit is periodically rotated with a new, freshly stocked kit. 

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  • First Aid Kit Checklist For High Risk Workplace

    Is your First Aid Kit Suitable for Your Workplace? High risk workplaces include those that are involved in potentially dangerous work and also sites that are remote or that do not have good medical help nearby. Oceania Medical recommend what to have in your first aid kit to ensure you are best prepared.


  • Oceania Medical Launches Client Portal

    Oceania Medical develops new customer portal for easy management of medical inventory