First Aid Kit Checklist For High Risk Workplace

With experience working across a variety of high risk industries we are often asked what is essential to be carried in a First Aid/Trauma Kit. High risk industries include farming, freight, construction, marine, forestry, aerospace & any remote sites.

Before we can advise we need to ask the following questions

1. Nature of risks on the site

When considering what first aid equipment you need, consider the nature of the work carried out for your business. Create a risk management plan to identify key risks. Are your staff trained to deal with these events?

2. Distance/Time from reliable medical help

Is the workplace a long way from medical help, a medical centre or hospital. How long may you need to look after the patient until skilled help arrives?

Do you have what you need to treat them? 

Allow for traffic delays of ambulance getting to your site. Is the site only accessible by helicopter? Allow for delays due to weather.

3. Demographic of the people on the site

Consider the age of the workforce & their specific needs. Consider those with a disability or known health concern (for example, cardiac, asthma, allergies)

What to Put in Your First Aid Kit?

When you have completed your risk evaluation work through our list of suggested products to ensure you are prepared if a medical event were to occur.

Minor Bleeds

Plasters, Non Stick Dressings, Zinc Strapping Tape, Combine Dressing, wound dressings, antiseptic, dressing strip, steri-strips

Major Bleeds

CELOX (Blood clotting Gauze), Israeli Bandage (Emergency compression bandage)


Burn Gel, Ice Packs, Paraffin Gauze (Jellonet), Burn Dressings (various), Burn Bag

Fracture Sprains

Mouldable Splint for arm & leg, finger splint, elastic bandage, ice pack, triangular bandages, spine board or stretcher.

Contaminated Eyes

Eye wash bottle, sodium chloride, eye pads


Survival blankets, blizzard blankets


Defibrillator, CPR Pocket Mask or Face Shield.

Personal Protection

Face Masks, Gloves.


Blood pressure monitor, Pupil Torch

Oceania Medical can assist you with your worksite training or first aid kit recommendations.

A solid safety plan, scenario based staff training and a robust trauma kit will save lives.