Low Cost Solution for Managing Workplace First Aid Kits

Oceania Medical Kit Rotation Program

Oceania Medical have developed a simple, cost effective system enabling workplaces to ensure their on site First Aid Kits are always compliant and ready for use in an Emergency.

Often a workplace will have a First Aid Kit onsite but maintaining these can be difficult and they often go neglected until they may be needed in a medical emergency.

Oceania Medical supply wall mounted First Aid Kits with click in/out brackets.

Having your first aid kits checked by persons outside of your organisation during the current climate is difficult and can be a costly exercise. Instead of paying to have these serviced on site, Oceania Medical offer a rotation scheme in which your kit is periodically rotated with a new, freshly stocked kit. 

Your business will be couriered a new kit and old kits simply click out of the bracket and returned to our Auckland supply office.

You will have a dedicated Oceania Medical account manager to ensure the process is simple and easy.

The initial fee you pay includes the wall mounted kit, contents, and the first year of service. The ongoing costs are as low as $26 per year per kit

 Rotation periods of monthly, 3 monthly, 6 monthly and annually are given depending on the requirements of the customers.

First aid & safety in a workplace whilst paramount can often be overlooked when a business is busy doing what they do.

Oceania Medical provide you peace of mind and ensure you are best prepared.

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