Medical Fit Out For Austal Shipyard 94m High Speed Catamaran

This month Oceania Medical provided the medical fit out for Austal Shipyards in Vietnam for their 94 metre high-speed catamaran. The vessel was built for the National Infrastructure Development Company (NIDCo) of Trinidad and Tobago.

Flying the British Ensign the vessel was kitted out with MCA Category A Medical Kits.

The vehicle-passenger ferry, to be known as APT James, is the first vessel to be constructed by Austal Vietnam, in just 20 months, following the official opening of the shipyard in November 2018.

“To their great credit and like all of our shipbuilding teams around the world, the Austal Vietnam team have continued working diligently and effectively during the COVID-19 pandemic to complete and launch APT James, while meeting all applicable Government Health and Safety guidelines.

“This highly anticipated and exciting new ship for NIDCo is going to have a very positive and immediate effect on Trinidad and Tobago’s ‘sea bridge’ by improving the overall performance, reliability and amenity of this essential inter-island ferry service,” he added.

The Austal Auto Express 94 is an all-new aluminium catamaran design, with capacity for 926 passengers and 250 cars, travelling at speeds up to 37.5 knots. The ship will feature the very latest in Austal’s ‘smart ship’ technology, including an advanced Motion Control System, to deliver a more comfortable and stable ride for passengers and crew.

Austal Vietnam has already commenced construction on the shipyard’s next project, a new 41 metre high speed catamaran ferry for SGTM of Mauritius, announced in January 2020.