New Waterproof Case with Defibrillator Package- Oceania Medical

On request of many of our customers who work in or around the water we have created our most water resistant set up for a Defibrillator.

The SPR Defibrillator already comes with its own reputation as having one of the highest water and shock ratings.

Advanced and intuitive public access AED. CU-SPR is simple to use and supports both adult and paediatric patients rescue operations.

Light weight 2kg Unit

Battery - 5 year Standby Life
Pads - 3 year Shelf-Life

Key Features
• Device and consumables status LCD screen for quick monitoring
• CPR metronome, voice guidance, and graphic instructions
• Adult / pediatric mode quick change button
•Data transfer by USB
•Automatic internal discharge
•Daily / weekly / monthly self-test
•Shock resistant carrying case
•Highly water resistant casing IP66 

We pair the Defib with one of the toughest brand of waterproof & shockproof case. The NANUK 925 case is available in various colours with pluck foam to ensure the Defib fits snugly inside along with a CPR rescue kit.