Oceania Medical Launches Client Portal

Oceania Medical develops new customer portal for easy management of medical inventory

Auckland, New Zealand – Kiwi custom medical kit specialist Oceania Medical has developed a brand new customer portal with online inventory management, allowing customers clear visibility of their medical locker. Although tailored to nautical clients, the portal can also be used by all shore based users as well. Since its launch in early 2019 the portal has already been put to use by a number of superyacht and nautical clients and has been extremely well received.

“The new portal has been developed to make it seamless for customers to work with Oceania Medical, allowing them to have an up-to-date status of their exact medical inventory at all times,” says Katie Williamson, Director of Oceania Medical. “This has several benefits, including the ability to anticipate upcoming orders and costs and budget accordingly, and to track previous orders so that ordering trends are clear. The system display also depicts the items required for all-important medical compliance.”

The portal can be easily accessed at all times by either ship’s crew or shore side clients. Inventory can then easily be adjusted, allowing the medical kit to be adapted or added to as needed. This may be especially useful in situations where crew or team numbers frequently rise or fall.

Designed to be easy to interpret, the portal also displays exact expiry dates of individual items and highlights any items that are expired or due to expire. “Thanks to our new portal it has never been easier to stay on top of medical inventory,” says Williamson. “It removes the need to manually go through items, or crosscheck expiry dates.”

A simple re-order system makes it effortless to order new or replacement products as needed, with the option to ‘re-order all’ also available. An instant shipping quote for the nearest port, or direct to office, is then provided before the transaction is approved. All items will then be efficiently and safely delivered by the Oceania Medical team.  


Much more than just a simple inventory portal, the new system also supplies users with detailed information on inventory items, including dosage recommendations and known side effects – this is an invaluable stand in should medical advice not be readily available.

Customer Feedback

Response to the portal from Oceania Marine’s customers has already been hugely positive. “Oceania supply a streamlined efficient service that gives me piece of mind knowing that our equipment and system is kept to the highest of standards and the simple easy to use colour coding system within the kits, makes it easy to identify and locate an item with ease,” says Tai Ellis, First Officer on board 39.2-metre M/Y The Beast. “Having the website portal that enables us and Oceania to remotely keep on top of our kits, as well as the ability to use the search your kit/symptom function, is priceless when in an emergency situation, as is the availability of pictures and information on each product.” 

“The portal is extremely easy to use and very intuitive,” says Captain Greg Palmer of 30-metre M/Y Espiritu Santo. “In the past it has been a major chore to keep track of our medical inventory but now, with the automatic e-mails and one click resupply of expired items, it has become easy and we do not need to monitor it on a regular schedule.”

“Oceania Marine’s new system has been designed with the end user in mind, so it has been gratifying to see such our customers so happy with the portal,” says Wiliamson. “We look forward to continuing to developing the portal to provide even more support for our clients.”

Customers are invited to undertake a free trial of the portal to try it for themselves – please reach out to the Oceania team for more information.


About Oceania Medical


Oceania Medical is New Zealand owned and operated provider of custom first aid kits and medical and safety supplies. Clients include yachts and commercial ships, work sites, high risk industries, businesses and individuals.

Oceania Medical’s kits are renowned for their logical layout and durable quality. The contents are designed to suit the specific industry or activity of individual customers. All kits come with a self-check option so that they can be maintained and easily replenished year round.

For more information, please contact:

Katie Williamson – Director