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Oxygen Series-FERNO Demand Valve Hose & Mask
Oxygen Series-FERNO Demand Valve Hose & Mask

Oxygen Series-FERNO Demand Valve Hose & Mask

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Demand Valve- Delivers Oxygen only when the patient breaths in to conserve oxygen when supply may be limited

Maximum Flow: nominal 160 liters per minute

Inlet Pressure: 40-90 psi

Pressure Trigger: 0 to 0.5 cm H2O

Pressure Relief: ambient pressure conditions

Adapter sizes: 15mm I.D/22 mm O.D (internal ribbed) 
23mm I.D./28 mm O.D. 26 mm I.D./31 mm O.D.

Materials: Valox 508 polyester, steel, nickel plated 
brass and aluminum fasteners. 


  • Affordably Priced - The OX-series Inhalator is the most economical means to ventilate your spontaneously breathing patient
  • Easy to Use - Standard hose connections allow the operator to quickly attach the unit to a 50 psi gas source. Conformance to ASTM standards ensures quick and proper valve mask connections.
  • 100% Oxygen Delivery - With the OX-series Inhalator 100% source gas can be delivered to the patient.
  • Work Of Breathing - The OX-series Inhalator can achieve flow rates over 160 Liters per minute with minimal patient effort.
  • Conformance to Standards - The OX-series Inhalator conforms to ASTM standards for Connectors, Operational and Performance requirements.
  • Environmental Conditions - The OX-series Inhalator is designed to work under the harshest conditions. Durable materials are used in the construction to stand up to corrosion.
  • Easy to Clean - The durable Valox™ housing material can be quickly wiped clean with a mild soap solution.