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Scenario Based First Aid Training

Scenario Based First Aid Training

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Oceania Medical Scenario Based Training for Workplaces.

We provide hands-on, comprehensive medical instruction, specifically tailored to the workplace environment.

+ Learn from our instructors who bring emergency nursing experience. You will be trained be a medical professional who knows, first-hand, the unique challenges you may face.

+ Recognise, manage and cope with common injuries that occur in the workplace i.e. Soft tissue injuries, fractures, bleeding, head injuries and cardiac scenarios.

+ Our trainer will work with your Health and Safety person to identify site-specific training requirements.

+ Onsite training to ensure realistic scenarios are created.

+ Understand how to use your first aid kits and equipment and ensure the team is aware of what they have available and where.

+ Practice a series of medical scenarios with drill-based training. Our informative courses are applied to at-work situations. This program is a practical method to improve your capability to respond to events and will train your team with your systems and in your environment.