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Hypothermia Blanket

Hypothermia Blankets

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Thermoflect Passive Warming Blankets- a simple solution to hypothermia. 

Thermoflect is a simple solution to hypothermia that utilizes NASA pioneered science instead of electricity. The innovative Thermoflect material reflects a patient's endogenous radiant heat, banking it in the body's core, while preventing convective heat loss (wind chill). The material is lined with a soft, patient-friendly inner surface.

  • Thermoflect products are cost-effective, ultra-lightweight yet durable, and move easily with the patient throughout the perioperative journey.
  • Thermoflect is so trusted, it has become a part of the US Military's Hypothermia Prevention Protocol.
  • Thermoflect has proven effective in a variety of applications, including healthcare, EMS and survival gear. 

Available in Different Sizes:

  • Small - 36" x 40"
  • Large - 48" x 84"